Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Patch and Pray Transmission Repair

Why is there such a large difference in the price to fix a transmission from one shop to another?

The answer may be like comparing apples to oranges!!! Some shops may be quoting you on complete rebuilt transmission, while another shop may be quoting you on what you believe to be a rebuilt transmission when in reality you would be getting a “Patch & Pray” transmission.

If a transmission shop replaced this snap ring would you consider that to be a complete rebuilt transmission?

Many consumers have paid a lot of money to replace a snap ring just like this and were told they are getting rebuilt transmission. In the trade this is commonly referred to as a “Patch & Pray”. “Patch” the transmission problem and “Pray” that it works.

While at Tramcar Transmission we would install the following at a minimum to call our transmission a custom rebuilt!

How do you avoid a “Patch & Pray” Transmission? Ask the shop if they give their customers an itemized list of the parts that they replaced when they rebuilt the transmission, and secondly, how do they quote a total price to rebuild a transmission when they don’t know exactly what is wrong inside the transmission. This “full disclosure” practice will help you avoid these types of shops that sell “patched” transmissions as rebuilt ones.

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